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Portfolio, Programme, Project Offices


People commonly refer to the office that supports projects and programmes as a ‘PMO’ (Programme/Project Management Office). A PMO can mean different things to different people and the services provided through a PMO can vary from organisation to organisation or department to department. Some PMOs support a single project or programme whereas others may support multiple projects and programmes.The term P3O comes from ‘Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices’. The design of the relationships, functions and services of these offices within an organisation is referred as a P3O model.


In summary an effective P3O model is designed to provide decision-enabling and delivery-support for business change initiatives within a division/department or the entire organisation.The P3O standard provides guidance on the different functions and services that can be provided by management offices, the roles that can exist within these offices, how to link different offices across an organization and the tools and techniques that could be adopted to support business change initiatives.

The P3O standard can be described as a benchmark for PMOs to assess their performance against. The P3O standard was created by an international group of experts working on behalf of the British Government. It has strong international recognition having being used to design and enhance Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices for organisations across the globe.


  • Learn the value of adopting a P3O model to support projects, programmes and the change portfolio
  • Understand the principles that underpin an effective P3O model
  • The P3O standard details functions and services that may be provided through a P3O
  • Understand the roles within a P3O model
  • Discover a methodology to implement a P3O model or enhance an existing model
  • Learn techniques for project and programme prioritisation, dashboard design, knowledge management and other common techniques and tools that may be adopted by a P3O


P3O Foundation and P3O Practitioner certification are international certifications accredited by the APMG. Certification can be attained by attending a HiLogic P3O accredited training course and successfully completing the P3O exams.To learn more view our P3O Foundation and P3O Practitioner training course information.

HiLogic is a P3O Accredited Training Organisation.

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