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Agile approaches: Agile Scrum, Agile Shift, Kanban and more

Agile approaches: Agile Scrum, Agile Shift, Kanban and more


Sometimes also referred to as agile methods or frameworks.  The aim of the table below is to explain the intent and differences across some of the more commonly used or referenced agile approaches.

The two most common approaches often referenced are Scrum and Kanban.  Though since their introduction, new and in some cases more ‘targeted’ approaches have evolved to provide guidance on adopting agile ways for specific business environments or challenges.  We suspect new agile approaches will continue to be introduced over time, each attempting to adequately serve a required business function.

AgilePM® (DSDM)
  • An agile project management approach (derived from DSDM) with a defined set of processes, corresponding products and roles for an agile project environment
  • A guide to support the use of PRINCE2® in the most effective way with the application of agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques
  • A way of working that both enables teams to work in agile ways, and ensures that the whole organization develops enterprise-wide agility. In doing so it prepares and supports the organization for transformation in an ever changing market place
  • Designed to integrate agile practices within service teams (or program teams) charged with digitalization of an organization’s products/services
  • Provides guidance on the application of agile concepts into portfolio management, allowing for enhanced organizational agility
  • An approach designed to support the application of agile principles and practices within a transformational change program
  • An IT focused approach, aimed at development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams collaborating to build, test and release products and services faster to market
  • A way to improve flow and provoke system improvement through visualization and limiting work in progress
Lean or Lean IT
  • An approach focused on improving processes though maximizing value by eliminating waste
SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • IT focused for large-scale application, intended to promote alignment, collaboration, and delivery across a large numbers of agile teams
  • An approach for iterative and incremental product development, designed for an operations environment with focus on software development

Our agile management services include:

The HiLogic agile training, coaching and consulting approach is underpinned by an agile approach selected or designed to match our client’s agility aims. This may be a ‘hybrid’ approach that combines key elements of different agile approaches or integrating agile principles and practices in existing management approaches used within your organisation.

Download our agile service brochure and contact a member of our agile services team for more information. Learn more about how to effectively manage change in the workplace.

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