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Enterprise Big Data Professional® Training & Certification

Enterprise Big Data Professional®(EBDP)


Enterprise Big Data Professional® is an APMG International accredited 3 day Big Data course with certification. It is based on the 6 core capabilities of the Big Data Framework and concludes with the Enterprise Big Data Professional® certification exam.

The Big Data Framework is a vendor-independent approach to building big data knowledge, capabilities and mature big data practices allowing an organization to extract value from its data sources.

Delegates will learn through instructor led presentation, exercises and quizzes.


By attending the Enterprise Big Data Professional ®training, participants will understand:

  • The elements of the Big Data Framework, including capabilities to be considered when establishing a Big Data organization
  • Big Data approaches to solving problems and differences to traditional data analysis approaches
  • Functions, processes, roles and competencies associated with Big Data that enable an enterprise to attain advantages from its Big Data sources
  • How to prepare a Big Data strategy to capture the value of Big Data
  • Key characteristics and differences between data analysis, Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • The importance of artificial intelligence and its relationship with Big Data
  • The benefits, high-level principles and elements of contemporary Big Data architectures
  • The application of fundamental Big Data algorithms and processing techniques, so as to select the techniques appropriate to solve practical Big Data challenges.


As an entry-level certification, the Enterprise Big Data Professional® training course suits professionals involved with or responsible for an organisation’s data strategy, management, governance or analysis.

This may include specific roles such data managers and analysts, including market analysts, business analysts and researchers. As well as data and IT advisors and professionals, business intelligence roles, enterprise architects or professionals developing data transformation strategies.


The following is an overview of the course outline:
  • Big data concepts and key drivers – Characteristics and origins of Big Data, key business drivers, the different types of analytics and pattern identification forms
  • The Big Data Framework – The 6 Framework capabilities and relevance of Big Data maturity modeling when setting up a Big Data organization
  • Big Data strategy – The 5 steps and sequence for formulating a Big Data strategy and the influencing business drivers
  • Big Data architecture – The principles of Big Data architecture, features of NIST Big Data reference architecture and components of Hadoop architecture
  • Big Data algorithms – The algorithms and analysis techniques fundamental to Big Data
  • Big Data processes – 3 main processes used with Big Data and their characteristics
  • Big Data functions – 5 pillars of a Big Data Centre of Excellence, responsibilities of key roles in a Big Data team
  • Artificial intelligence – 4 essential capabilities of artificial intelligence, features of cognitive analytics and characteristics of Deep Learning
  • Enterprise Big Data Professional® exam
An insight of existing Big Data related technologies is provided during the training, however programming is not part of the training syllabus.


The Enterprise Big Data Professional training course is a 3-day program that includes a mixture of facilitator presentation and exercises. The program is completed with the Enterprise Big Data Professional® certification exam on day 3.


The Enterprise Big Data Professional certification exam is a 90 minute, 60 question multiple choice exam. Participants must score 39 or more marks for Enterprise Big Data Professional certification.


  • Accredited Big Data training materials
  • E-copy of the Enterprise Big Data Professional® guide
  • Sample exam questions and answer rationale
  • Certification exam fee
  • Lunch and refreshments (public courses only).
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