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Agile management: training courses, coaching, consulting

Agile Coaching & Consulting


Our agile services vision:

“Supporting our clients to embed agile mindset, principles and practices, so they too can move and adapt quickly in an ever changing and disruptive environment.”

Organisations are increasingly exploring how to adopt an agile culture and agile ways of working as a strategic approach to succeed and strive in a rapidly changing and disruptive market.

Though the challenge faced by many organisations is understanding how agile ways of working can benefit them and how to effectively integrate and embed an agile culture across the whole organisation.

Our agile trainers, coaches and transformation consultants can play an important role in supporting your organisation in adopting agile ways of working at a team level and across the whole organisation. Supporting the development of an agile mindset and application of agile principles and practices, enhancing team and enterprise wide agility.

Our Agile Value Services comprises of 3 key elements:

Focusing on building knowledge and awareness in specific ‘agile approaches‘
(see below for more information).
Agile Coaching

Our agile coaching services is designed to support teams embed agile ways of working and extends to middle management and organisational leadership teams.   The role of middle managers and leaders in embedding agile ways of working and supporting an agile culture across the organisation is often a forgotten element.
Agile Consulting

Focusing on ‘enterprise agility’: advising on strategy, structural, cultural, skills and capability changes needed to transformation the organisation and support agile ways of working aimed at enhancing an organisation’s ability to respond rapidly to constant market changes and competitors, including disruptor activities.

Download our agile service brochure for more information


Sometimes also referred to as agile ‘frameworks/methodologies’, are designed to facilitate the adoption of certain behaviours and techniques to enable teams and individuals to work in a way that is characterised by collaboration, prioritisation, iterative and incremental delivery, and timeboxing. There are several specific approaches to facilitate this model of working such as Scrum, Lean and Kanban.  Though with any framework there are some common challenges:

  • What does agile mean in our organisation?
  • Which agile approach (or combination of approaches) is best suited to our organisation’s business needs, culture and maturity?
  • How do we build and embed agile capability?
  • What is a culture of agility?
  • How best to integrate agile ways of working to transform to an agile organisation?
  • How to plan an agility transformation journey and who to involve?

Research also shows that even though many project, product and delivery teams may be well versed in an agile approach, the majority have still not overcome the challenges with integrating agile approaches and there is often a disconnect between the agile teams and the rest of the organisation.


If you are embarking on a journey towards agile ways of working, speak to one of our Agile Transformation Consultants to explore how our training, coaching and consulting services can be designed to support and deliver value for your agile transformation aims.Download our agile service brochure and contact a member of agile team for more information.

For more information on the role and focus areas of different agile approaches visit our agile frameworks.

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