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P3O® – Practitioner

P3O Practitioner


A P3O is a model that supports decision making and delivery of an organisation’s change portfolio. The P3O guide describes principles, processes, functions and services that can be applied within a portfolio, programme or project office. The guide also describes P3O models and roles that may be applied within different business environments and the relationships between P3O offices and corporate functions. In an ever changing business environment a well-designed P3O will provide governance structures to optimise return from investments and achievement of strategic objectives.

P3O Practitioner Course Aims:

  • To build on the Foundation knowledge and refine the delegate’s understanding on how to design and manage a Project, Programme or Portfolio office by applying P3O processes, functions, services, tools and techniques.
  • To prepare delegates for Practitioner certification.


Head of Portfolio Office and Portfolio Specialists, Programme & Project Office Managers and staff, Centre of Excellence Managers and staff.


The training will cover:

  • The roles, functions and services detailed in the P3O framework
  • The tools and techniques of a P3O
  • How a P3O model can be applied in different environments in a given scenario

The course will also offer approaches to help answer Practitioner Exam questions.


Passing the P3O Foundation exam is a prerequisite to completing the P3O Practitioner course and exam.


  • Accredited training manual
  • The official eBook: P3O – Portfolio, Programme & Project Offices, as provided during the Foundation course, is required for the Practitioner training and exam
  • Pre-course reading guidance
  • Sample Practitioner exams


The P3O Practitioner exam is a 2.5 hour open book scenario based online exam that is taken after training completion. The exam uses objective test questions which require the candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices for which the correct answer is pre-determined.

The participant must provide responses to 4 questions presented in the following style

  • Classic multiple choice
  • Multiple response
  • Matching
  • Assertion/Reason

The maximum score for the exam is 80 marks. The participant must acquire 40 or more marks to pass the exam.


Fees for public courses include the above mentioned course material, exam fee, and for in-person public courses, lunch and refreshments.

Visit our training calendar for public course dates and fees.

Please Contact us for in-house corporate training and pricing.


The Foundation + Practitioner program is a training package which combines the P3O Foundation and P3O Practitioner courses at a special price.

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P3O Practitioners are required to be re-registered within 3-5 years of their original certification.


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