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PRINCE2® Foundation Sample Questions

PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Exam Questions

Enrol into a HiLogic PRINCE2 Foundation Training & Certification or PRINCE2 Practitioner Training & Certification and you will receive two sample exam question papers for each course.

PRINCE2 Foundation Training quiz

Studying for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is a 60 minutes, multiple choice exam.

The following sample exam questions are designed to provide an indication of the question types for the PRINCE2 6th edition Foundation exam.

Which is not one of the 6 performance variables to be managed in a PRINCE2 project environment?

  1. Cost
  2. Benefits
  3. Change management
  4. Quality

Which of the following principles relates to management within delegated limits of authority?

  1. Manage by exception
  2. Continued business justification
  3. Focus on products
  4. Learn from experience

Which is a purpose of the ‘starting up a project’ process?

  1. To ensure that the prerequisites for initiating the project are in place
  2. To enable the project board to be accountable for the project
  3. To establish a solid foundation for the project
  4. To assign the work to be done

Which is a purpose of the benefits management approach?

  1. To document the justification of the project
  2. To define what the project should deliver in order to gain acceptance
  3. To provide a schedule for measuring the achievement of benefits
  4. To define a procedure to be used to identify, assess and control any potential or approved changes

The above questions are copyright of HiLogic 2019 and should not be copied without the written permission of HiLogic.

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