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Managing Successful Programmes


Programmes do vary in nature and degree of change. Examples may include: managing the development and delivery of new products and services; or wide-scale changes to infrastructure and business systems; facilitating the adoption of new behaviours and working procedures; or management of broad-scale transformational change that combines the above examples. Programmes directly support delivery of corporate strategy.

Programme management can then be described as the coordination of a collection of related projects and activities aimed at achieving key strategic objectives.

MSP – Managing Successful Programmes, is the world’s leading programme management standard. With its defined processes and roles it is designed to help programme teams deliver projects and realise benefits that directly contribute to strategic objectives.


  • Strong programme sponsorship and leadership
  • Continuous alignment of projects and activities to strategic objectives
  • Coherent delivery of projects and new capabilities
  • A benefits management approach to facilitate tracking and realisation of expected benefits
  • Appropriate governance frameworks to manage projects and control change
  • Optimisation of resource synergies
  • Defined risk and issue management procedures
  • Active engagement of stakeholders
  • Change management skills and plans to embed new capabilities
  • Clear definition of programme roles and responsibilities


  • Ensures continuous alignment of the programme with strategic objectives
  • Ensures the ongoing viability of the programme and its projects
  • Facilitates clear communication of the programme’s vision
  • Provides a framework for the control of the programme’s projects and supporting business change activities
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of a programme management team
  • Facilitates an approach for active engagement of stakeholders
  • Provides mechanisms for the control and optimisation of programme and project resources
  • Offers a process for defining and realising the expected benefits of the programme


MSP – Managing Successful Programmes (5th Edition). Since its first publication in 1999 by the UK Government, MSP has become recognised worldwide as the leading programme management framework and certification. Today MSP certification has helped more programme managers than any other programme management qualification. In 2020 an updated version of MSP was released and is now known as MSP 5th edition. This update was driven by developments in the world of project and programme management, research and consultation with programme management practitioners and thought leaders. The updates aim to reflect a more dynamic world and further enhance the usability of MSP.

MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner certification can be attained by attending a HiLogic MSP accredited training course and successfully completing the MSP exams.

To learn more visit our MSP Foundation & MSP Practitioner training course information.

HiLogic is an MSP Accredited Training Organisation.

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