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PRINCE2 – Senior Management

PRINCE2 Senior Management


Adopted by many government and private enterprises and practised by over 1 million users world-wide, PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that benefits projects of different types and sizes. PRINCE2 is viewed as ‘de-facto’ world’s best practice project management as it ensures projects remain viable and an agreed governance framework is applied from the start through to the closure of the project.

This workshop will focus on senior management’s responsibilities in a project, how they can influence the success of a project and monitor a project without regular meetings.


This workshop is designed to present the logic and value of PRINCE2 to a senior management team. The participants will be presented an overview of all the elements that make up the PRINCE2 training method and by the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Communicate using key PRINCE2 terminology
  • Identify the role of senior management during a project
  • Use elements of PRINCE2 to apply ‘management by exception’
  • Identify potential problems with the start up and execution of projects
  • Identify potential deficiencies in current project management processes, project resources and skill gaps within the organization.


Senior management responsible for projects and wanting to know how they can effectively contribute to the success of a project.


  • An introduction on how the methodology operates
  • Senior manager’s role in a PRINCE2 managed project
  • An overview of PRINCE2’s Principles, Processes and Themes
  • Examples on tailoring PRINCE2 for the project environment
  • The workshop concludes with a group discussion and exercise on implementing best practice project management within an organisation

To support the different ways people learn, the workshop includes a mixture of presentation, class and group exercises and discussions.


Attendance to this workshop does not require prior training or qualifications.


This is an in-house training program and can be delivered as a ½ day or 1 day event. Contact us to request an in-house quote.


  • HiLogic PRINCE2 Senior Management Workshop manual, inclusive of our senior manager’s project checklist
  • PRINCE2 Laminated chart and project management templates
  • Copy of the manual Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

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