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PRINCE2 – Overview

PRINCE2 Overview


PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that will benefit all types of projects and projects of different sizes. Designed to facilitate effective control of projects it is based on 7 best practice project management Principles integrating project management Process, Themes and guidance on applying PRINCE2 in the Project Environment. The Overview course is designed to provide project team members an understanding on how the PRINCE2 methodology operates. In this course participants will be introduced to the PRINCE2 method and be given the opportunity to practice key aspects of project management.


By the end of the Overview course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value of PRINCE2
  • Comprehend the composition of the 4 integrated elements of PRINCE2
  • Effectively contribute to a PRINCE2 managed project
  • Understand the terminology and processes used in a PRINCE2 project
  • Understand the purpose of key PRINCE2 management products
  • Apply within a PRINCE2 project the appropriate procedures for reporting progress and issues
  • Use PRINCE2 controls to manage and track the work of teams


Anyone wanting to understand how they can effectively contribute to a project being managed within a PRINCE2 environment.


This course will cover in detail the principles, processes and themes that make up the PRINCE2 project management method:

This is an introductory course to project management using PRINCE2. Participants will be presented an overview of the core functions of project management and the trainer will lead discussions on how PRINCE2 can be applied for simple and complex projects.
This Overview course also includes group exercises focused on applying key elements of the PRINCE2 project method.


This course does not require prior training or qualifications.


  • HiLogic PRINCE2 Overview course manual
  • PRINCE2 laminated process chart and project management templates


PRINCE2 Overview is delivered as an in-house training course and can be tailored and offered as either a ½ day or 1 day event. Contact us to request an in-house quote.

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